Poonam Jewellers

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Welcome to Poonam Jewellers


To give customer much more than what they wants and asks for, in jewellery retailing, in all the key areas of quality, value for money, transparency and customer service, through innovative means and tools, which in turn will make Poonam Jewellers the most trusted jewellers in Indore.

Our Vision

Poonam Jewellers primarily aims at common social good through fair and ethical business practices. Poonam is a promise to every customer; a promise of fulfilling the customer’s needs to their extreme satisfaction and serving only the best in the market.

History And Feature

“These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.”
The firm starts it's journey from manufacturing and has the experience of over 70 years in the trade.

Poonam Jewellers branched out into the field of jewellery retailing in the year 1998. The founding of Poonam Jewellers in 1998 by shri Omprakash Soni marked the start of an extraordinary journey spanning of approx two decades, hat continues to this day. Throughout its rich history, Poonam Jewellers is said to have handled more jewel masterpieces. The journey from manufacturing the antiques to serving the best quality designer Gold, Silver, Diamond & Stone Jewellery under one roof. We are here to make your auspicious movement more precious.

Latest Products